Firduo efoil products

Hello Everyone, I wanted to check if anyone has used any of the Firduo products to build an efoil or efoil assist system. I look forward to any feedback you can offer. Thx Felipe

Yes, I got a Vesc 75200, the one they sell for 299 now. If you order from them, use the discount code „OFF10“.
If you only want to buy a vesc, makerX is also a good option.

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Their kits (vesc + controller + motor + prop) don’t seem that value for money. It’s the same price as buying distinct parts.

You’d probably have to throw the prop away and get another one (because it’s like the trash flipsky one?).


Yes, don‘t buy the prop, it‘s too big and not the most efficient one you cant get. VESCs are OK.

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Thx for the info. I appreciate it