First Approach with the electronics

Hello to everyone.
I am a new user and I am trying to collect information to built my first eFoil. Its since one week that I read all these interest topics and questions but I have to tell you that tome parts are for a new user not easy to understand.
Batteries : Li-Ion or Li Po and how many volts. I saw that LiPo have a better rate for voltage/volume but somehow are “dangerous” to explode or to have a “small accident” .
How many volts is the recomended? Do I need a monitor to know the status? Are the any other safety recomedations?

Controller motor: I saw that most of the users have Vesc with flipsky or Maytech motor. What rpm is my goal to reach ? does it depends fromt he proppeler? I saw that in most of the cases the proppeler is DIY in a printer. Is the structrure that a 3d printer gives, enough to not risk to beak it ? In the normal petrol boats your max RPM has to bee between 5000 and 6000 ( depends of motor specification but the range is this) Is it something similar to the efoil projects?
Reciever: This is somehow the black box. As I notice there is no ready plug and play solution for everyone.

It would be nice to see which combination of components each of the experts used and what is his suggestion to improve.
Thanks in advance for your answers