First build for beginner. Help with component

Hello everyone! I’m Stefano from Italy.

I am gaining as much infos as i can, in order to start building an e-foil. But reading this forum i find a lot of wing model, tipe, dimension, motor numbers, propellers, electronics etc etc that i am a bit confused about

So let’s start with my questions and with what i would like to achieve.

  1. I will buy a board (not building one) and will modify it to receive battery and electronics.

  2. I will also buy a ready foil (mast and fins)

  3. I would like to have an all-arounder efoil with good cruise and long time riding 1.15 hrs+

  4. I am a beginner, so i know i will have less efficency in order to have an easier foil. But i like to have excess power anyway…

  5. I have good building skills, so do not worry about building.

Now come the questions:

  1. What is a good foil set for a beginner? Feel free to suggest model, dimension, tipe and also shop link for a 75 kg person.

  2. Will the motor mount be included with wings and mast? Where to buy?

  3. Better options for motor, propeller and electronics? A good choise should be done in relation to the wings i will buy? Do i need water cool and also water pump?

Pease feel free to link, to suggest and tell me what is ok and what is not!
Thank you a lot!

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Hey. The motor mount or mast clamp will not be included when buying a foil. I don’t know where you could buy one, the most common way is to 3D print one. I would water cool you esc if you can or put your esc in a aluminum box with coper water cooling coils around it.

Here is my parts list if you want to look at it

Hope that helped, if you have any more questions feel free to ask!


@loveefoils Really nice part list. Thanks :white_heart:

I brought a Maytech kit, but I’m struggling to get a battery.

Thank you guys. I see that there are so many parts…i am so confused.

This kit from maytech looks like a good start point.
Only thing is that it is limited to 14s lipo. Is it enough?

Also i think external receiver is better than the one in the esc. Am i right?

Skip the kit, too expensive for what you get. 14S is ok, even 12S works well. The prop in the kit is too big, better get an FR prop or a spare from Fliteboard, they are more efficient. External receiver is also more flexible, you can place it in front or extend the antenna to the front. The FET electronic antispark switches do not last for long, most burnt and stayed on, better use an antispark connector (as150) or a fuse switch.
Better just get the motor (120KV), take the one with M8 thread, you have more options for propellers. I don’t know the ESC on the kit, it is probably OK but I really like the VESC with FOC because it is so quiet. There is a lot of information in this forum, a bit hard to find but look at some build logs to figure out what worked for others.

I understand your point of view.

I found a good and succesfull building here on the forum (i am continuing reading). The builder went with 65161 motor from flipsky with 200A VESC6

This seem to cost a lot less also!

Everything sat_be said above you can fully trust. He’s right about everything.

One question from another newbie:

When buying a Flipsky 651616, should you take a “splinded shaft” or a “round shaft with thread”?

Thanks for your answers.

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Round one d=12mm with M8 thread. Those 7 1/2 “ props are too big for efoils. There are more prop options with a round 12mm/M8 shaft with shear pin hole. Also easier if you want to design and 3d print your own propeller.

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Nice, now i have a better point of view about power system.


Should i look for a kite foil, a wing foil, a sup foil?

The one i linked above is a kite foil. It looks good for a beginner and maybe it will be ok for some times after i learn to ride (maybe my family will learn on it too.)
How do i know if it has hollow mast, so i can slide cable and tube on it?

Is there any other tested and known foil?

Depends on how fast you want to go, how efficient your setup should be and also on your skills and riders weight. Wings from 800 to 1600 or even bigger work for efoils.
Gong Allvator M or L , pro MT, Veloce all work.
RL also has 2 wings designed specifically for efoils, one is 1150cm2, the bigger one is 1600cm2. Both work well, with the smaller one you can go up to 40km/h, a bit slower with the bigger one. See here: New RL efoil wing - #39 by kiterr

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Great information, thank you for the parts list.
Is there any DIY kits that you would recommend?

What @sat_be said. most kits are to expensive, just get the parts separate (banggood has some pretty good deals on flipsky stuff)

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