First build help

This will be my first ever efoil, I need help choosing what parts to get. I have a 3D printer and probably will not need any tools. I also build and fly fpv drones so that helps with my understanding of the electronics.

Motor: 56104 360kv

Esc: need a recommendation

Planetary gearbox: 5:1 need recommendation

Battery: probably a diy 18650 pack 10s or 12s lipos would also work. If I build an 18650 battery pack I might build a spot welder out of a microwave because I don’t have one.

Foil: alien fish (has anyone tried it?) (if anyone has another option lmk)

Board: I have no idea what type of board to get, the same eBay shop that sells the alien foil sells a board with it for an extra 90$. I am not really looking to build a board.

I do not want to spend a lot, just looking for a cheap but reliable board to learn on.

Welcome, That is how it starts “just looking” then … :money_mouth_face: then we start to build.
Before you spend any $ read heaps more.

Saving too much money at the beginning could mean a harsh learning curve so planning one’s own future discouragement. For example: board volume at the beginning = a lot of comfort = some money = more chance to fly one day. A kiteboard =30-35 litres max = 3 times too small for a beginner. Not to mention the risk for your life in case of failure a Mile from the shore.