First Build, think I have a headstart

Hi! Im very excited too begin my first eFoil build. I’ve owned a foil board for a few years now and am very invested in a few eskates and so I figured that this would be the next best step!
I’d love guidance on this build!

What I have-
126 Samsung 25r cells
Cloud 9 foil-

My board. not sure dimensions/size, its what I’ve been using for surfing for a while now.

What I’m looking at:
Flipsky 6000w 120kv motor
Flipsky high power 200a esc
this bms- bms

What I need-
Some sort of battery box/ container -thinking of backpack/ waterproof box in a backpack
Prop (Have CNC so could mill or I could print out of PC)
Printed mounts

Any large holes/any improvements? Any way I can do this for cheaper? Thanks!