First e-foil build, XPS, glass and aluminum

Me and my friend are in the progress of building our first efoils, we have never built anything like this before and never surfed efoils before either so we are what you would call noobs in this area.
However, thanks to this great forum we have managed to gather information and knowledge and now started our builds.

We are goin to use the RL-wing and mast, and buils the board itself aout of XPS and glass-fibre and epoxy-laminate, and i have CNCd a mast-connection-aluminum-plate wich is connected through the board from bottom to the topp layer and hatch, it will act as a reinforced inner skelleton and also heat dissipation through the mast.

for electronics we will use the trampa 75/300 and flipsky 65161 motor.
I’ll just share some photos and update progress along the way.


The nautical hatch you want to use is not totally waterproof, you should put another gasket next to the one it has. put in the forum search engine “nuova rade” you will get different posts about the hatch. The construction looks very nice, cheer up. Greetings

Very nice! What battery set-up are you using?

I know, but this is the one we are using:

it is very similar i guess, but it is rated for watertightness degree 2, wich means as follows:

|Degree 1| Degree of tightness providing protection against effects of continuous immersion in water.|
|Degree 2| Degree of tightness providing protection against effects of temporary immersion in water.|
|Degree 3| Degree of tightness providing protection against splashing water.|
|Degree 4| Degree of tightness providing protection against water drops falling at an angle of up to 15° from the vertical.|

but yes, i’m planning on waterproofing it more in some way, maybe one more hatch under the hatch :slight_smile:

We have not come that far yet but the cells will be fitted in the MAX 004-T box:

So it will be around 100-150 cells.

Two possible options with the Sanyo 21700 3500mAh:
2x112st 14s8p, 1,6KWh
2x120st 12s10p, 1,8KWh

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Boards are ready for testing in water (hauling after boat)

  1. They float :slight_smile:
  2. They foil at 6-7 knots :slight_smile:
  3. They take in alot of water :frowning:

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