First Efoil Build

Hi All,

Newbie E-Foil builder here. I had a few goes on a Waydoo and I am totally hooked so really keen to build my own. This forum has been hugely inspiring. I have trawled the forum for the last week and done comparisons to production manufactured E-Foils and I have come up with the following proposal. I’d be very keen to get your opinion before I start spending money. I also still have some questions however. Apologies in advanced if they have already been answered here before.

My proposed set up:

Flipsky 15161 Motor 120kv plane shaft. £381+pp
6000w peak
3000w continuous
200amp peak

Highfly Watersports Prop Ultra 2 blade for Flipsky from £86 +pp

Flipsky 75200 VESC £190 +pp
300amp burst
Continuous current 200amp/50v

Flipsky V3 Waterproof remote £118 +pp


Maytech Remote MTSKR1905WF £67 +pp
I will take apart and improve waterproofing.

Battery Foxelion 52v 35 or 40ah li-ion with 150a BMS £550 +pp
Comes with a 5amp charger.

10A Charger £135 +pp
I’d like a fast charger so I’m looking at the following 10amp. Not sure if the difference in charge time between the 8hrs (5a included with batt) and 4hrs (10a below) is worth the £150 for the charger as I probably still wouldn’t get two rides in a day.


  1. Do I need to watercool the ESC? I really don’t want to. I want this to be a simple build. I’m understanding the cruising on foil requires about 30A and getting up on foil 100-150A. Seems I am well in the limits of the ESC when up on the foil.
  2. Which remote is preferable, Maytech or Flipsky V3. And do you use an antenna extension 1m on the receiver?
  3. I presume I will need to setup ESC to output max current of <200amp to protect the motor. (Or will the motor never demand/pull this from ESC anyway so not a problem)
  4. Prop - 3 blades or 2 blades? What pitch 6 or 8?
  5. Does a charger have to match the voltage perfectly? I see many 10A or 20A chargers that are 12s or 14s but there voltage is 42v or 48v or 58.4v, not an exact match for my 44.4v or 51.8v options (obviously cell voltage differences)

Thank you in advance.


(UK Efoil Builder……I hope to be)

I got an 12s charger with 18A from Ali

€ 108,81 43%OFF | 50.4V 18A Charger charger for 12S 44.4V Lithium Battery Electric Bike Aluminium Alloy with Fan

charges my 24 Ah pack in about 1h40min (amps reduce at end of charging, stops at 50.18 V)

I have the Maytech remote. no antenna extension needed.

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So let me suggest you few things:
-Motor= great for this aplication (I have one on my build too)
-prop= I have FR Highfly ULTRA Propeller FLIPSKY (130EUR) I would suggest you to go with 3 blades not 2
-VESC is pretty solid one
-remote= I would suggest you the Flipsky VX3, you wont have to spend time to waterproof it and other stuff. I have the same one and I can definetly suggest you the same one

  • For the battery there is a lot of options, some of us are building them at home, but if your not good at electric stuff I would suggest you to buy it
  • For the charger I would recomend getting something like 15-20A from alixpress (I have 12s25A for 200EUR)

Good luck with your build!


I am just getting into all of this as well so can’t speak from an experience perspective.

I purchased a Flipsky combo that has all of the components you are considering plus a prop. Threads here indicate the prop should be cut down to 140mm but that doesn’t seem to be that big an effort.

This is the link to the combo

You might also consider adding the Bluetooth module.

I bought the water cooled version of the 75200 so I can watercool if I want. Lots of threads here on pro/con of watercooling. Comes down to personal choice of risk/reward.

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I have the 75200 non watercooled version (the watercooled was not available at the time of purchase) at the moment we have water temperature of 10°C and outside temp about 12 and VESC got to 38° according to VESC log (my electronics are in a plastic box on top of my wingfoil board) so I added a watercooler to the aluminun case. (have to test it yet)

so if you don’t mount your VESC to an aluminum plate in direct contact with the water I would recommend the watercooled version

+1 for the bluetooth module: you can fully program the VESC on site with a tablet and the app without risk of water getting in or having to bring along your notebook to the beach

I have this motor/ 6" prop combination

works good for me. just the prop is 149€, but I don’t know if they ship to UK.

My battery BMS has a bluetooth module, nice to see your battery stats and it has a switch to turn off power output, very helpful for connecting and disconnecting the electronics safely and to shut everything down without opening the case

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Buying a battery from a seller at aliexpress that hasn’t got good reviews is unfortunately a 50/50 hit or miss - or worse.

I wouldn’t choose this seller, a low percent of satisfied customers, some with quite poor reviews.

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