First start up issues, Maytech remote, Flier 400a esc

I am hoping you guys can help me out. I am just buttoning up my board for my first water test. Shame on me for not bench testing my electronics but I cannot figure out what is going on and there is little information out there to trouble shoot. My setup is a 12s (2 batteries in parrellel and 2 in series), Flier 400 amp boat ESC, Maytech V2 waterproof remote, and a Flier 65150 motor (also have a BEC with 5V and 12V for the water pump, and an anti spark switch). When I power everything up I get 10 beeps, and it will repeat the 10 beeps but do nothing. I have a BEC with 5 volts going to the receiver, have the esc ground and the BEC ground tied together and the yellow wire from the ESC going to the PWM_T on the receiver.

I am sure I have something simple wrong but do not know where to start. If anyone has the manual for the remote that would help greatly!

I am stoked to get out and try this thing out, have been working on it the past few months. My skill set is on the mechanical side. I have very little experience with the electronics side of things and hoping I just overlooked something simple.

I greatly appreciate any help.

Your ESC is programmed in 12s, right? Cause you’re talking about 10 beeps when you turn it on…

I believe so. In the menu I have it under 12s. Then after I set all my values in the esc i hold the two middle buttons together to upload it. Should I try the auto function?

If the light on your receiver is flashing. Then the problem would more than likely be with your receiver connection to the UBEC and esc

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Set the cell count to ‘auto’. Mine wouldn’t start when I had it set to the amount of cells.

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The receiver light is solid red

I will change the cell count to auto.

Thank you everyone for the help.

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Set to auto and still nothing. I have been using the hand held to update it.

What settings did you use for everything? I have left the motor timings at 0. Is there anything else I could be missing?

Finally got the right drivers to update the esc, when I have it plugged into my laptop it doesnt beep, as soon as I flash the new calibration it starts beeping again.

I do not need to supply 5 volts to the ESC right. What is the red wire coming out of the ESC used for?

Can you take a picture of this wire? Also, what ESC box are you using?

I am using the flier boat 400A 3-16s. The red wire coming out of it. I know the orange is signal, brown is ground.

The red wire from the ESC also needs to be connected to the 5 volt ubec

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@rogjalon I knew it was going to be something simple, I was asssuming it got its power from the batteries!! Now onto getting the rest of the tuning dialed in.

Thank you so much!!

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Did anybody ever published a wiring diagram for this Maytech V2 receiver ?

@SoEFoil the only one I know is the one on the website. That is it.

The board is officially ready for its first test!

Thanks again guys!


Congrats on the build, looks good. As I can see you use the same batteries I use. Have you tried what happens when you put 16 and 20Ah cells in parallel?

I will update that right now. Thank you