Fixing 2018 lift efoil with water damage:)

Hey I got a problem or you could also say i have a possibility. My boss at the place i work got two Lift E-foils and one of them got water damage in the E-box. He said I could try to reapair it if I wanted to. And here we are i have a big E-foil in my room and i would be really glad if I could get some help with this project. Not because I don’t know my way around electrics but I can’t say that i’m an expert. I have been cleaning the E-box and checking all the components for quite some time now and I’ve got stuck. On two connectors the pins have goten so eroded that they have just really diapered or not really they have probably just fallen off. After cleaning the bord with isopropyl alcohol and putting it in an ultra sonic cleaner I resolderd the connection between the connector and the bord. But it still doesent work.

In detail what I have done:

I Have cleaned it with isopropal alcohol with an anti static electricity brush. I have also cleaned it in an ultrasonic cleaner with a mix of distilled water and 99,9 % alcohol. I have soldered a wire directly to the board because of one pin being gone that connected a connector to the board (the wire was from the battery to start the board, currently using a 9 volt battery beacuse of the old one not working)

The other conector pin that had come loose was for the start botten and was supposed to go a transistor that started the system. On this pin the soldering pad was so sewerly eroded so i couldnt solder on to it. So i soldered a coopper wire directly to the transistor that i glued stuck on top of another connector so there woulldn’t be any force on the joint. I the soldered the cable on to the copper wire.

I’m not sure what I am supposed to do now and I would love if someone could share there intelligence or experiance with E-foils.

I’ve fixed a few ebox’s. Basically it really helps if you have a working one and can figure out which components are broken by swapping out 1 thing at a time. Then once you have they broken component, you can try test it. Salt water and circuits don’t mix well. You might find multiple chips and MC’s are blown.

Thanks alot for the reply. Is there any other way that you can recommend. For me just the top part of the e-box has water damage, by that i mean the control board that receives the control signal and controls the board that handles the main electricity from the battery. It would not be optimal to change every chip in hopes of it working. And just wondering is there any way you can get away with a cheaper e-box than the one for 2500 dollars.

And sorry what is an MC searched it but ain’t sure that I found the right meaning.

MC = microcontroller.

The logic board on the lifts is an absolute pain. When they go you either need another box with a working logic board and fried esc or to buy a whole new box.
I’ve de-lifted an ebox and battery before just to not use lifts systems.

Okay thank you do much for your help. I’m really glad. I think i’ll just give it a last try but after that try looking for other ways. I’ll maybe try if I get an E-box from a person i meet on reddit, he had two that hade water damage and laying around. Sounds sketchy but i will check that out, sadly I live quite far away from USA so expensive shipping but that’s for my boss to pay or not to.
If you have any recommendations for alternative esc and battery for the lift efoil i would love to hear otherwise thank you so much for your time and help!