Flash sale battery, Multistar 10,000mAh 6s

Hobby King is having a flash sale on the Multistar 10,000 mAh 6s batteries. I bought 4 of these and will connect for 20,000 mAh 12s total. They even had a free shipping option from Hong Kong to the USA. My total cost for all 4 shipped to the US was less than $200.



Thanks, just ordered 6 of these for 290$ with shipping :heart_eyes:

I ordered four of exactly the same ones on black friday. I payed about €220

I bought 6x 16,000mah at 4s for a little over $300.

They also had 16,000mah at 6s for $75 but they sold out

That’s what I got: 2x16000mAH for 150$ including free shipping “dangerous goods” from HK to CH. They arrived within a week. Haven’t connected them to anything, might charge them to “Storage Voltage” to keep them in good shape, eFoil is not ready yet…

Can’t ship to NZ unfortunately due to new dangerous goods rules.

You can ship to nz, i buy heaps of lipos from hobyking. Received my 2 20000mah 6s yesterday :slight_smile:

There is a limit on the amount you can ship at one time. Try buying two separate smaller orders, you might have more luck

From HobbyKing? Whenever I try it says unable to deliver to that address. I contacted support and they also confirmed.

Ordered mine on Monday, arrive today … Friday!! Wow, that is fast from Hong Kong!!

order from hobbyking auz !! i got my first set of 6s batteries from there.

I would advise ordering 2x per shippment to avoid customs.

You can get them from the Australian warehouse. I got two at a time. 4 total no customs

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Hobbyking Turnigy 20000mAh, 6s 12C LiPo, Black Friday sale, 6h left:

Not very cheap, 330$ for 2 including free dangerous goods shipping to CH

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sold out damn! you guys bought all :smiley:

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It is still available, just select global, not EU, it will be shipped from HK: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-high-capacity-battery-20000mah-6s-12c-drone-lipo-pack-xt90.html?wrh_pdp=3

Weird they quit making the high capacity Multi-star and now label them as turnigy. I never really understood their branding on batteries. Now they have Heavy duty, zippy, zippy-compact, turnigy nano-tech, Graphene, Panther, and on and on. I get you need different types, but come on! I have no idea if they are just selling the same battery in a different color shrink wrap. I guess for now on we’ll see Turnigy high capacity for bikes and such. No more bright green batteries. They label the batteries as 12c instead of the old 10c. Still, wish the prices would go back to what they were a few years ago. These things were like $50 over Black Friday just two years ago. Lipo no longer makes much sense as a quality li-ion battery is similar in price.

@Dirkdiggler I feel you. I managed to buy 6 4s 16000mah before they go out of stock.
Problem with Li ion is it is very hard to find genuine cells for reasonable price. I bough multiple LG HG2 samples from ebay ,US and Chinese sellers all of them turned out knock off ones after DCIR and capacity test.
There is reliable sellers but their price is pretty high. It doesnt make sense to pay 5 to 6$ for the cell that supposed to be around 2.5 to 3$