Flier 400A ESC issue Jetsurfboard

Hey guys!
I‘ve built a jetsurfboard with 2 400A ESC‘s from Flier. However i‘m having the issue that often times the power is limited and like „pumping“ and not constant. Often it works fine at the beginning for a little while but then cuts out and only has very soft throttle pumps if i use throttle (like pulsating, 1s on, 1s off etc….)
Anyone here has/had a similar issue and managed to fix it?
Thanks a lot in advance and have a lovely week!

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Might be a heat related issue, try to (better) cool them. To confirm you could try to measure the temperature of the ESCs.

Probably firmware related. Those ESCs struggle with some motors, What motors are you using?

Had the same issue, that Flier esc goes into programming sequence randomly, to prevent that super annoying issue I got into the habit of tapping the tx trigger immediately after that single tone beep (rx/tx detection)
However I still had to reset to default via usb linker since all settings got so messed up,
Bottom line, reset in software and re-flash the same basic firmware, in my case “Boat16s_Uart ver 1.1”

don‘t think it‘s heat related as it often happens super quick and sometimes from the get go, thanks for the heads up tho!

Using the SSS 56123 500KV motor, think i‘ve seen other people use the same motor/esc combination with success

Glad to hear you were able to fix it. Did reflashing and resetting work for you after trying it once? I‘ve probably resetted and reflashed around 10 times by now but didn‘t fix it so far… I talked to flier and they told me i should try to flash the „Air24S_UV30“ firmware which I will give a try as soon as it‘s a little warmer.

Hi all, I am new at all this and learning so have nothing smart to say at this point about this issue :roll_eyes: I am planning to use flier 22s 400a esc for a project (not jetsurfboard) and I see outthere two kinds of housings for this esc, one with textured red aluminum housing as seen at fliermodel.com and the other with a smooth surface housing. Do you know if there is a difference between the two? asked on fliermodel.com few days ago but they did not replay yet.
thank you