Flier Boat 200A problem

I tried to test out a Flier Boat 200A I had laying around. Powered by my reliable 12s10p battery pack (2x 12s5p packs, 60 amps each). When I started to foil I noticed I wasn’t getting all the power I normally get at the same throttle level (using the Maytech remote which outputs a throttle 0-100). Soon I noticed that the when I would try to get to foil speed something would throttle me back. It wouldn’t kill the trust, just reduce it back down. Anyone ever heard of something like that? Maybe I need to go back to my Flier 400A or finally invest in a heavy duty VESC?

I have a Flier boat 300A with another problem. When I turn off the transmitter it goes to abaut half speed and stays there for ever. If however I have the transmitter off when I start the esc it will cut the power when I lose the signal. It is suppose to run for 3 sec when the signal is lost. Any suggestions to correct this? I have a leach so it is not a major problem.

Hey Jan, did you adjust the Failsafe? I had issues with this at the beginning and this movie helped me

What motor are you running?

I’m running the Flying Rodeo motor. It works fine with my Flier 400, but Flier 200 seems problematic. I have the same settings for both too.

Thanks Marc, I did not know about this.
I will try, believe this will cure the problem.