Flier Boat 400A 3-16S and Flipsky 65162 ESC programming

… yes, i know some poeoples wrote here about the troubles with that constallation.

I have too that constellation and sitting now hours and hours and not able to get a running configuration

I have a 12s12p Akkuconfig.

So, i tested a lot of different firmwares, lowkv totaly does not work.
Now i am around the Boat16S_V30
I changed a lot of settings (step by step) and got a working config where i get a smoth startup :slight_smile:But the rotary speer was very slow.
So i change one setting, doese not work ( motor doese not spin)
I change the setting back to the original and, the motor does still not work.
What is going wrong with that firmware?

With wich settings you have success?

Im riding with there unadjustable BT low kv motor firmware, works great, startup is a bit curving but from 50 % to 100% the throttle is stable.

Witch b
Battery config are you using?
I try it again, he running very smooth but most time not starting

Or is my remote the problem?

Did you teach the throttle curve (remote control endpoints) to the ESC?

  1. switch on the remote control
  2. apply full throttle
  3. switch on ESC
  4. wait until ESC beep
  5. stop applying full throttle on the remote
  6. switch off ESC
  7. Throttle curve should be learned

should you ever use another remote control, repeat the procedure

Yes, i do that since the first moment a lot of times…

Best results i got with the B_Uart_LowKvMotor but with that Firmwar ei can’t set the remote.
This process dose not work. But with the B_Uart_LowKvMotor the motor not starting, i always must push him. When he is running, i can controll him with the remote perfect.

Hello nice2cu, I have the same problem than you and my remote controller is totally different from yours. My motor is Maytech 65162 100kV, but the esc is the flier boat 400A 3-16S, I tried a lot of configurations of motor timing and nothing works.
Another think important, I tried with outrunner motor 80100 and works perfect.

I got to working him fine now.
I take a high startpower (70) and only in a small range of low speed he is little bit stuttering. In the higher range perfect.
But I still decide to buy a other one now…

I try the next configuration but I hear that when the motor turns, it is not a clean sound, how you said is a little bit stuttering
Flier 400esc. Firmware boat Boat16S_UV30_LowKvMotor with starting power at 70%. Timing at 5,
What firmware do you use?

That firmware :wink:

I think at that low rotaryspeed I will never foiling.

But not my problem now :slight_smile:

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HI guys

As U have played with settings of Flier ESC, what the tricky stuff to get them well applied and what are them?