Flier esc programming usb cable

Hey guys,

I just got my flier esc without a programming cable. I wanted to ask if someone could measure this usb be cable. Maybe I could build my own if there are no electronics inside it. Or if someone is living near me that I can borrow it? My location: Austria,Salzburg,Saalfelden.

Thanks to everyone

UMine acts like an usb to serial converter (5v TTL), so if you figure out the pinout you can use any usb to serial converter.
Just be careful with polarity, the ESC also needs 5V power supply through the usb converter, don’t mixt that up, it could kill your ESC.

Could this do that Job?:

Just found the cable in the trash can THANKS THAT MY MOM DIDNT BRING IT OUT😂

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Lucky boy :wink: