Flier esc, which timing for flipsky 120kv?

My motor has some vibrations and is not very silent. I would prefer to make it more silent but I checked the fr prop and the mount and everything was fine. I think my timing is not correct it’s currently set at 25 or 30. Flier is already known to have problems with flispky motor.

You run the bt uart low kv firmware or something like this ?

That is running the best so far. Or there must be a newer firmware that I don’t know


Are you talking about noise and vibration while riding, or with the motor unloaded?

I have been riding my 65161 motor with the B_Uart_Low_kv_motor firmware for about 6 months now. Works good. No complaints. My friend Sean is a couple months into riding his, and our other friend is a week or so away from finishing his build.

I see you’ve been asking about this since February. Have you ridden the board yet? Don’t worry about the unloaded sounds. Mine sounds funny unloaded too. But, it’s perfect in the water.

Good luck.


Ah ok my motor Sounds very Strange with buart low kv. Yes i was riding today and thats why i wanted to aso you guys.

I run normal boat 16s

Did you fill it with corrosionX? If not, the noise and vibration is probably bad bearings. They only last a couple months in salt water use if you don’t fill it.

Our Flier ESCs are the boat ones that come in the red aluminum waterproof case.


This motor (65161) is loud. About 4 times are loud as the FR / Lift motor…FYI

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Um i doesnt even want to turn with buart low kv. It doesnt even try. Other Firmware works.

Are you running 14s battery?

Some guys reported problems on that firmware. I speculated maybe because they didn’t have 14s battery like we do.

Also, I couldn’t get it to work with generic cheap remote. But, the new firmware worked with Maytech remote.

If the original firmware works, then use that. The issue the new firmware fixed was the motor wouldn’t start sometimes. If your motor starts in the original firmware, then use that.

The new firmware doesn’t make the motor quieter. This motor is loud!


Yes i do. Boat 16s firmware works fine

They probably fixed the problem and updated the original firmware.


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