Flipsky 100kv problem

Hi guys, I have a problem with the Flipsky engine. The first test with the engine running, the engine just knocks and does not spin. The sound is like it’s spinning, but it’s running.:sob::sob::sob:

wich Controller are you using?

I tried this for car models.!
ESC Is Flipsky 200A maybe I have to set something in ESC?

Try to launch the spin by hand at the time

I’ve tried that, but I can’t. don’t spin.:sob:
as if a magnet were spinning on a shaft

It is not possible to spin the axis?
Also not when without power?

I turn the axis manually.

when I add a minimum of gas, it does this. As if the ESC timing for the engine was wrong. Don’t know how much is the series Timing in Flipsky ESC and Flipsky engine?

Did you run the motorwizzard in VESC tool?

no, i just wanted to try it.:thinking:

dose not work like you do it.
You must run the motor Wizzard and defect the poles and timing :wink:

Thank you very much for the information. So I have to install the VESC tool program on the PC and set how much pole motor and timing I have? I’m really stupid about this. Please write me here which values ​​to change and for how much.:pray:

Normally the motor Wizzard is enough.
Not change the firmware to no hardware limit :wink:

OK, thank you very much​:+1::+1::pray:

Ofc run motor wizard and remote wizard first. Select large inrunner as config and work through the wizard. Ofc a brand-new esc will not work out of the box knowing nothing about the motor. If you have strange behavior and noise do not force several times. What you expect, the problem solve by itself :slight_smile:
Good luck!
I have Flipsky post for vesc, it’s not good but basic

thank you very much :+1::sweat_smile:

Wizard motor and remote , you can do that as well directly on motor settings page without going through the all select things …
Config as well voltage settings ( cut off if the voltage is to low or high)

Hi guys, so maybe I passed the setup successfully. I just noticed that when I add the throttle slowly, the engine spins smoothly. When I add plush faster, the spin is not smooth (it twitches) Do you have it anyway, or do I have a mistake somewhere?

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could be the cylindrical pin to hold the prop. the prop looks not very balanced.