Flipsky 120 kv Motor

WHO is running this motor?
How many hours runtime you roughly have?
Are you running 12 or more S?
Any problems with the motor?

Thanks for input.

I’ve been running the motor for around 15hrs. I have corrosionX coated the internals just in case of water ingress. Running on 12s. Tested with a few different wings. I have foiled it from 10kph to 38kph. No problems with the motor or shaft.

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In light of the FR prop not being available, Whats the next best thing for this motor on 12s?

A 140-150mm prop with 6 or 7" pitch will work well. 3D printed or otherwise a plastic solas that will need to be modified.

Thanks Jezza, any STLs to share?

I have a high pitch one, but its not perfectly matched for the motor (It does work though). Ideally the pitch should be reduced a little bit. Might be a good starting point though. I’ll drop it on Thingiverse shortly and then update here.


Looks good! Which diameter?
How you construct your prop?
I made also one, will test it in summer.



Diameter is 140mm
I managed a speed of 34kph with this prop if I remember correctly (with a slingshot H2 wing).
I printed the prop with 100% infill.

I printed yours. Looking forward to comparing it with @Jezza ‘s.

Not sure if Jezzas works with a prop guard.

I don’t run a prop guard…

Very nice. What application did you use ? Taylor Fusion360 plug-in or the B-series generator page ? ?

What is the pitch of this one and what would be your ideal pitch for a 120kv motor ?

I honestly can’t remember the pitch on that.
6" works well on this motor. I’d love to try an alu 7" pitch to see if there are any gains to be had over 6".