Flipsky 120kv vs 100kv


As there is a sale on the flipsky page, I will probably order my motor today but I don’t know which kv to choose. The prop will be a flying rodeo one. My battery is 14s.

Thanks for a quick response as the sale continues for 20h.

Go for the 120kV you’ll get enough speed.
FYI FR’s motor is 130kV, so pretty close to it.

Thanks 20char 20xhar

is it worth paying $60 more for the 120kv?

if you are on 12s, do you want to make it past 35kmh
if you are on 14s, do you want to make it past 40kmh.

If yes, then 60$ is peanuts…


With the right prop you can achieve the speed you like, no matter of kv

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I’m thinking of buying the mantafoils or fliteboard prop. Any recommendations?