Flipsky 200A FSESC goes crazy

Hi everyone

Had a bad experience with the Flipsky 200A FSESC this evening. I made no changes in the VESC, same settings like 4 other sessions.

When I assembled my efoil, and put the board into the water, I tested the system shortly to check thrust, seemed ok. Turned off my remote to get ready to jump into the water.

Suddenly the board went from 0 to full speed in a second. I held the onto one of the handles, so the bord turning 180 right at my. Only When I turned on the remote again, the motor stopped.

In the Metr Pro record I Can see the ppm signal went from 1.5ms (center) to constant 1.25ms for up to 30 seconds. This happed 4 times, see below. Was really shocked.

Changed a ppm ramping setting after the incidents, and had a good session on the water afterwards:

You need to set the failsafe on your receiver. If it’s not set properly then it will go to full throttle instead of to zero.

Any idea how that is set?

Depends on your remote. But always test it before putting the board in the water!

Sounds like a pairing issue to me, I had exact same problem with an E skateboard, the board nearly went through a shop window until it hit a curb and snapped in 2.
Try re pairing the remote.

What kind of remote do you use? I have the basic nano remote and without setting the fail safe right it went crazy each time I would turn of the remote. Setting it right solved any issue and each time my safety leach gets disconnected now its stops properly

Thank you so much for your inputs! I just use a GT2B, modified in a smaller 3D printed case. I Will try locate the failsafe mode, og pair the remote again.

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Thank for the link, I have manage to set up the failsafe now.
The only thing that worries my now is, that this hasnt been a problem before yesterday. Normally i was able to turn off the remote, When I fell in the water. So i am only like 50% sure, that this was the problem. Im godnat do some dry testing in my garden, the next couple of days.