Flipsky 65151 120kv problem

I apologize in advance for the bad English. But I’ve been following this forum for some time and I can’t find anywhere that someone has the same problem. I have a Flipsky 65151 120kv engine and an ESC Flier 320A with 2x 6s Lipo batteries in series. But my engine is not working properly.
After switching on, the motor only turns intermittently and then switches off. Does anyone have the same problem …? What can it be?
When I replace the Flipsky engine and plug in my old Alien 80100 100kv engine, it works without any problems.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

Its the Flier ESC. They do not work properly with these motors. Most guys either run a VESC or the Seal 300A esc.

you can read a lot of this constelation.
I had the similar problem.
Funny is, here are some drivers who are driving thos configuration, some had similar problems like you.

I had at the beginn of that year also my FLipsky 65161 with an Flier Boat 400A.
I am trying hours and hours but i not got a good workling result.
I change the Firmwareversions, but with no success.
So i decide to change my ESC to a VESC, befor i ordered a Flipsky FESEC200A ( but he is comming damged and i need long time that Flipsky change ist ) so i decide to bought a Tampra VESC 75/300.
Since 1. August i am riding with theme successfully!

Here is my thread about it: Flier Boat 400A 3-16S and Flipsky 65162 ESC programming - Propulsion System (Motor, Gears) - FOIL.zone

And i remind that in this thread you can also read something about your problem: New Direct Drive Inrunner 65150 - Propulsion System (Motor, Gears) - FOIL.zone

Thank you for the info. So it’s not worth trying different settings … just this ESC with Flipsky Engine will never work well. So do you recommend buying a VESC or Seal 300? What will be the better choice …?

You might spend ages trying to get it to work.
If you wants a simpler plug and play setup, then get the seal 300a.
If you want more control and to tinker, then get the vesc.

So great, thanks for the tip. So I’m thinking a lot about the Flipsky FESEC200A, when it’s from the same manufacturer so it could definitely work well.

Thank you so much for your thread, and also watching Tampra VESC is quite a track. Men ask where did you buy it? I’m quite thinking about Flipsky FESEC200A, you’ve already tried it …

I bought it direct from Flipsky. I got theme damaged but Flipsky send me a replacement after i send it back.
That need a while and i decide to buy a Tampra. Now i have my unused Flipsky FSESC200A.
I think about if i sell theme or use it for a second build.

You have not tested The fesec200 you got as replacement? Would be intresting to hear about The difference you saw. If The vesc was More silent in foc mode compare to fsec in foc mode etc.
I know the fesec should be compared to vesc 6 mk4 instead that is More similar specifications.

so you have no experience how it works with the 65151 engine? If you were selling it, what would the price be, please?