Flipsky 65161 100kv

Hello, perhaps Somebody can explain me.
I have a Flipsky 65161 100kv and a VSESC 75200
If i use a 8S Lipo Akku the Motor turns with about 2800 RPM.
When the Propeller ist big enough can i reach the 200 Amps and 6000W, or ist this only possible with 84 Volt?
Thank you, Max

Theoretically you might reach 8x3.7x200 = 5920W, maybe a bit more with a full battery. However, at those amps, the system losses will be considerable. There will be a lot of heat. Also, you don’t really need that much power. 1kW continuous and 3kW takeoff are pretty typical.

Thank you!
I bought the components for a foil Project in the future.
But now 2 from 3 Trolling motors from my electric catamaran have malfunction.
The voltage in the boat is 24Volt and the catamaran weights about 1000 kg.
I want to use the Flipsky, i need not to much Propeller rotation, because i think there is a problem with cavitation, but i need so much thrust as possible.

Cool, I would recommend to monitor the motor temps if you’re going to use more than half the rated power of the motor. The ratings are usually peak values. Other than that, sounds like a great use for the motor.

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