Flipsky 65161 120 kv vs Maytech vs FR motor


I have a flipsky 65161 120KV on12S/VESC 75300 flipsky with a mantafoil prop (similar to eflite) running great. I can take off at 35% on mytech remote with a naish 1250 jet foil easy …

I will build a second foil , since I have experience only with flipsky at usd 434 , is there is any better option on the market …maytech same price same specs… FR motor seems great but eur 1080 with prop / guard …

I think I will be running 14s on my new rig on 75300 vesc … any idea same KV ?

thanks for the share

You can take the « but » out at this price , no even start to question yourself … FR … price / power/efficiency/ lifetime

sure but you still can buy 2 flipsky for the price…always the same dilemna with chinese products

Do you have an STL file for the Naish mast? I use Naish as well but never had a great fitting mast clamp. Just getting back into it after a few years and figure I would clean things up a bit. Thanks!


I use I used a foil from Naish but I always put the mast from Gong alu V1 (90 cms) …so I have the stl for this mast which is in foil zone somewhere …
since then I chnged foil and not using naish anymore but gong foil… (www.gonggalaxy) a french brand cheap who works quite well