Flipsky 65161 120kv Folding prop Problem

I am riding my diy efoil without problems the last 2 months. I´ve got a Flipsky 65161 120 kv motor. and a 12s 12p battery. The esc is a 400a Flier. I had no problems until last week. I put on a folded prop. It was running great the first 5 min. But then it suddenly stopped working. The motor blocked… see video… I got the flier software reinstalled. Now it is working again but I am hesitant to use the folding prop again.

Does anybody know what the problem might be? @Flightjunkie ??

I think the problem is your motor seems to think its a break dancer :wink:

It looks like the speed controller may have some issues. Changing props can sometimes overload the ESC. I’m not that familiar with the Flier 400 because I simply wouldn’t use it even if given to me…

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Thanks, yes i agree. next esc will be a vesc. Hopefully i can make the Flier work with the folding prop.

You use duty controll by your vesc…i had same probleme…but with current control ist works