Flipsky 65161 issues

Anyone run into problems with these things? I’m powering mine with a VESC 75/300 and everything is peachy until it stops in a certain spot. It seems to get stuck and the VESC won’t always get it spinning again. Sometimes if I give her full power in that spot it’ll make a grinding noise and start spinning happily again until it fully stops in that spot again.

Tried FOC and BLDC modes, both had the same result. Can’t really have this kind of reliability now can I.

Not super confident ripping apart the motor with my past experiences, but maybe I’m overthinking it.

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Does it actually mechanically get stuck, or does the VESC just lose sync? Try it with your hand, with battery disconnected of course.

The motor does have some blue balancing material that is not super well adhered to the rotor. Maybe that is getting stuck between the rotor and stator. The motor is not very hard to disassemble, but putting it back together takes some patience since the rotor is heavily attracted to the stator, and does not really want to stay in the center (which is required for assembly).

It does not mechanically get stuck and moving it doesn’t require any extra force. If I move it 1 step, it’ll spin again just fine, but it does seem like it’s about the same physical location.

How do I prevent the VESC from losing sync?

Then it makes no sense to disassemble the motor. I would only do that if it really gets mechanically stuck. However, you should add some mineral oil or other lubricant/corrosion inhibitor to the motor. For that, the rotor does not have to come out so its a pretty easy job.

I would try to run motor detection again a few times. I found that my FSESC75200 detects the inrunner better with 750g setting instead of the larger one. Some people have had luck with increasing the stator saturation compensation, to 15% for example. Also make sure that all of your connections are super solid, as even something like a 5% change in the system resistance will make a big difference to how well the VESC can drive the motor.

As a sanity check, you could also measure the resistance between all the phases. Take any two of the three motor wires and you should always get the same resistance. If you get a different resistance with some pair than another, then there might be an issue inside the motor windings.


Thanks! Ran the wizard for 750g and now its working perfectly.


We are having similar issues to yourself. Please may I ask what you using your FlipSky set up for.
Many thanks