Flipsky 65161 Motor Declaration

Hello Everyone,

Hope all of you enjoy your weekend.

We’ve been shocked for recent information about our motor 65161. Since we FLIPSKY don’t want to waste too much time on disputes or impolite words. Now, we declare as belows:

  1. We ever cooperateed with the motor supplier before who didn’t do retailing foreign business abroad for watersports parts. While, we do DIY markets and are pretty interested in the new efoil field besides eskateboard. So, we lauched some watersports parts. However, as time passed by, the MOQ was increased bigger and bigger for this new small field and no aftersales services, we were meeting with high pressure and risk of big lost. At that situation, we started built our own workingshops and production lines to offer better goods, shorter lead time, better prices and intime aftersales services.

  2. Heartful thanks for customers support, we grow up with our own brand. More and more customers have visited our facotry. Welcome for all customers visit our factory. We FLIPSKY have been trying our best to offer good service. For any more information, please visit our websites:
    Alibaba: https://flipsky.en.alibaba.com/
    Shopify: flipsky.net
    Contact email: flipsky01@outlook.com

  3. We declare now and we are afraid that we don’t have more time on these impolite words since we want to spend more time on customers services and products. From this case, we know that we will work harder to build our own products to avoid the ever cooperated partners’ vicious business competitions who want to expand their markets abroad after meeting with depression market and defame retailers. We always believe in WIN-WIN cooperation and don’t think that it’s moral to public OEM POs. Who dare to ask for the help of producing or cooperate in the future? We feel lucky and we’ve been done motors by ourselvers for years.

Thanks again for all supports and cooperations in the past, at present and in the future.

Best Regards,
Flipsky Team