Flipsky 65161 Motor -- issues with motor shell housing decoupling from baseplate and fix

I recently posted in another thread about an issue I am having with a new, unused (but out of warranty) 65161 motor that has a flaw where the motor housing shell is slightly decoupled from the rear motor mount base.

Apparently @Larsb has seen this issue before and maybe others too so I am creating this new thread to track the fix.

The issue
The motor housing on 65161 motor is tightly screwed into the motor baseplate but warped holes on motor shell causing slight motor wobble when applying hand pressure to the motor when mounted. As shown, the holes receiving the screws to secure the motor housing shell to the motor’s baseplate are clearly warped. The base plate also seems to be extended from the housing shell (see third picture comparison to a good 65161 motor)

Anyone fix this issue before? @Larsb suggested to tap new holes and screw but I am not sure where exactly I can safety tap new holes or what steps to undertake to squeeze this back together to ensure it is waterproof.

You can unscrew it and slide out the endcap - you will see where there’s room for extra screws easily.

I used m4 button top torx head bolts when i did it, leaves more metal than with countersunk head bolts.

Did you notice any additional drag after fixing with protruding bolt heads?

No, it’s too small change to notice.

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