FLIPSKY 65161 Motor STEP File

Hey there everyone

I’m desperately trying to find a proper 3D model for the FLIPSKY 65161 motor, does anyone here have one that they wouldn’t mind sharing?

Option two would be to model it myself, but I don’t have the actual motor on hand to take apart and measure the internal structures. If someone with this motor would be willing to share a couple of photos and measurements ill model it and share it here for everyone to use.

I’m curious why you’d need the internal structures for the model.

I like being as accurate as possible with my model. also need to calculate the center of mass.

Center of mass ? Good luck , take in account the foil and the motor will be in the water :wink:

@nice2cu has a model (.step) somewhere. Search for it in the forum.

Here is the link to the dummy motor I did if anyone wants it. Could not model the internals. I’ve also dumped the gong mast and fuselage in the folder. Enjoy


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Could you please share it again please.