Flipsky 65161 Vs. APS 80100

Hi Guys,

Wanted to get opinions on the FlipSky/ Maytech 65161 versus the alien 80100. Both seem to be viable options for moderate budget builds (much cheaper than the FR motors). I currently have both of these motors. I have the 80100 just about ready to test and just got the FS motor in yesterday so it will be a couple of weeks until ill be able to test it. I am using a Flier 400 esc and do not have any data logging capability so when i do get around to trying both i will only have qualitative data to share and hopefully some battery runtime info. I will be sure to update this post with my findings.

In the meantime I wanted to know if anyone has done a similar comparison yet. Really interested in efficiency data as I think ill be more interested in longer ride times and range than pure speed. I know this data depends also on foil type and other factors but has anyone tested these two motors side by side on the same setup? If so can you share what props you found to work best for each?

You’ll need to get special firmware on the ESC to run the 65161. It doesn’t like the standard flier firmware.

Yes i read on here that I will need to load the low KV firmware onto this esc. I also wonder if this firmware would allow me to run lower timing on the 80100 without sync issues.

No adjustments possible yet with the low kv motor firmware. I m in contact with flier. I hope they will finish the firmware soon. Maybe if you too will ask that speed up the process l.

Yes i would be happy to ask and maybe speed things up. Is there anyone there in particular that you are in contact with? And just so i know what im asking for… There is currently a low KV firmware available but not one with adjustable firmware?

I have contact with them through alieexpress message. Please message them because they only reply me that normal esc firmware can be adjusted with settings and they are not really willing to finish the low kv motor firmware :frowning:

I have sent them an email also asking for this adjustable firmware

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