Flipsky 75200 connectors

please can anybody help me with the description of the connectors.
The connectors in my box do Not fit.
Thanks Max

I don’t know but could probably find out what each is by googling for 5 minutes, why don’t you do that too?

JST PH 2.0


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Thanks V_S for help.

Lars, Google tells me JST, PH2.0, XH, GH, SH
you gave me very helpfull information, that you know nothing about this.

Isn’t it what people with common sense do when they don’t know about a subject?

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Well, just for fun i spent 5 mins on google: flipsky esc connector - Google Search
Then i clicked this:

Seems the receiver connector is JST PH 2mm pitch according to flipsky

So i think V_S hit the nail´s head, and even better, i was correct too :slight_smile:

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