Flipsky 75200 waterproof vesc issue

Hi , i have been running couple of 75200 vesc with some issues . the first one the alu version fried at the very early stage …the second one waterproof version is runing fine on an efoil on 12s with flipsky 65161 120kv + maytech remote no issues…
the third one was running great on 12 S / flipsky 65161/ maytech no problem. upgrade the battery to 14S more more was working great and change board so went back to 12 S.
since then impossible to synch properly the vesc with the motor . i tried different firmwares , etc nothing works … i get this problem

Could be this:How to update firmware on the Flipsky 75100 & 75200 FOC ESC - #281 by jaykup - The Citadel - Essential References for Esk8 - esk8.news: DIY Electric Skateboard Forums

I had similar symptoms (same VESC and motor). The cause was faulty solder on VESC to motor connectors.

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@vib.dxb Do you feel you have the energy to try the hardware correction? I know myself that it’s easier to cut the losses, it’s more rewarding to just buy another esc and you get more ride time - but it would be really interesting to see if this solves your issues :grinning:

Yes usual problem or the connection or the receiver wick signal … i tried both does not work… when I hooked up a 75100 works fine so motor is also fine

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Yes sorry I had no time so I bought a 75350 from flipsky and a Raiden 7 pro (don t tell my wife) …… but I will try to fix my 75200 on a side and I will publish …

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I’m doing a build with a makerbase 75200, just hooking up the esc in a week or two. If i’m unlucky i’ll be trying the hardware mod too :sweat_smile:

Just hooked up the wire and in the air the motor run very smooth !! Not tried in the water yet but the raider 7 pro looks very nice piece of hardware