Flipsky AntiSpark switch and Flipsky FSESC

About the parts mentioned in the topic. I ordered the antispark switch and the esc for my efoil project:
When I received the goods I was surprised of their wires. The antispark switch (rated for 200A continuous) has only 12AWG wires and the esc (rated also for 200A continous) has 8AWG wires.
What would be the best way to connect these together?
Only asking because 12AWG looks so thin for 100A (my plan for max current)…

Hi! We also tried to use this one. Even bought two, but refused to use them. Apart from the thin wires, there is another problem. There is a button for three contacts, in the working state, one contact is closed to another, and when disconnected, the same contact should switch to another. After an hour of testing, one stopped working. We went to break the power supply of the remote control module.

You would think switches would be baked into ESC’s at this point like a Focbox Unity. Seems so silly to not offer an all-in-one solution.

I think this would be highly appreciated.

Could you share a picture and/or wiring diagram?

Hi! Yes, everything is simple there! The +5 V power cord that goes from the esc to the remote control module is broken in a way that you like. We used the button from the snowmobile.

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