FLIPSKY Efoil motors for sale! I ordered 10 120kv inrunners and decided not to use them. Make offer

Where are you located and what is your price, will sel them one by one?

I’m currently in Tampa FL. I will sell them indv. I paid over 430ea with rush shipping out of China. I’ll take 370 w free express shipping in US for the efoil group only :slight_smile:


Will you take $300.00 for one and I can just pick it up. I live in Tampa also.

Jeffe Would you happen to have any motors left?

Hello? I’d like to purchase one if you do…

Looks like he’s out of them. I got one of his off of ebay:

They were the non-threaded version anyway, which is less than appealing. Check Banggood where they are $329:

I have one for sale (Europe)

How much?
Greetings Frank

Will you take 300$ Felix? I’ll pay shipping too

Is it the out of order eingine?