Flipsky FSESC 75300 wiring to 65161 motor - A B C matching?

Hi everyone,

I’m a complete n00b so apologies if this is a stupid question but I’ve been searching for the last hour with no answer…

I have a Flipsky FSESC 75300 and 65161 motor.
The FSESC has 3 outputs / 6 wires (2 pairs each) labelled A, B, C, and the motor has 3 wires with NO LABELLING.

I will solder the FSEC pairs together so I’ll have 3 wires, but my question is:

How do I identify the A, B, C wires on the motor?? There doesn’t seem to be any identification / labelling, so which wires on the motor goes to which wires on the FSESC?


Which wire goes where on the motor side doesn’t matter due to two things:

  1. The motor phase wire connections doesn’t matter when running the motor in sensorless operation on any type of ESC. It can give the wrong running direction but that is easily fixed either by swapping any two wires or just by changing direction in the program
  2. The VESC has autolearn function so it automatically matches the right ESC phase to the right motor phase when running in sensored operation.

When it matters:
More simple controllers for sensored motors might force you to find the right match between the sensor signals and the motor phases manually. I’ve done that a few times and it isn’t hard once you’ve tried it (but certainly harder than clicking an autolearn button in a program - Viva la VESC!)


Ahh thankyou very much for the quick reply + solution ! :slight_smile: