Flipsky motor - v2 maytech remote

Hi, i don’t understand, when I’m 50% of puissance on the remote , the motor is at max
However I configured all on vesctools

An idea?

You are in current mode control right Do you have the motor with a prop on in the water?

Most likely your current range is set to something like 0-100A, but you are hitting max of 95% duty cycle before you hit your current. For example when I am on foil the most current I can hit is like 60A, so trigger over 60% doesn’t do anything. When I am trying to get up on foil I can draw a lot more and the trigger works all the way to the max (because I’m not hitting 95% duty cycle yet)

Another way to think is your motor has a max RPM at a voltage and you can’t make it go faster then that. If 5A hits the max RPM then 95% (if you are set to 0-100A for example) of your trigger won’t do anything (This happens if the prop is out of the water). If 50A hits max RPM then 50% throttle won’t do anything.

You could switch to duty cycle control, but there are other issues with that, not sure if they are VESC or remote related.

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the motor with a prop doesn’t in the water