Flipsky remote VX3 not pairing

Im trying to pair the flipsky remote vx3 with its receiver.
first going in pairing mode on the remote and then powering up the ESC with the
receiver. Its blinking blue (2 short) but nothing more happens.
the remote can’t connect.
someone has an idea? :frowning:

Have you tried swapping the orange wire for the green one?

Thank you, but its not a communication problem between the receiver and the ESC.
I know there is something twisted with Tx and Rx. But for powering the receiver and Pairing you’ll need only +5v and Gnd.

Hi, are the remote VX3 and receiver bought at the same time? If so but they can’t be paired successfully, the receiver might be faulty. If the receiver is bought separately, it might because of the compatibility.

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