Flipsky seal 300 amp ESC firmware update

Does anyone have clear instructions on how to update the firmware for a Flipsky Seal 300 amp ESC (The same as ZTW Seal)
Flipsky sent me a firmware update file to try and solve an issue, but no instructions.
When I asked for instructions, they sent me a ESC user manual without firmware update instructions.
Any help is appreciated

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Did you try item 4 on Technical Support & Download – FLIPSKY?

What issue did you have your trying to solve?

@Foxyirish1987 I didn’t try the VESC tool as flipsky sent me a ZTW Gecko software to upload the firmware to the ESC, but it came with no instructions. I’m guessing that I need to connect a laptop to the ESC via the LCD program card. But not sure if the process from there.

Roger, Are you running this with your geared setup? Or is this for a new motor/esc combo?

@Beninspain my ESC has choices of programming either a hard low voltage cutoff or reduced power. When I set the reduced power option, it still activates a hard cutoff when the battery voltage reaches the set voltage.
Not a major issue, but I prefer to power slowly to shore than paddle

@Marc87 Yes this is with my geared setup. SSS56104 motor

Still going strong I see, nice

Yes Marc, I’m now using an aluminium CNC machined motor pod and prop from @jakebarnhill1 , which has made a major difference to its strength and performance.
I’m really happy with my setup now.

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Do you have the program card?
Or are you setting using the Tx and the motor beeps?

@Beninspain I used the program card because it seemed easier. I haven’t actually tried to set it using the beeps. I didn’t really understand how to set it up using this method

It’s complicated. I don’t have the card so changed the start up power using the beeps.

Yet to try my Efoil out so I’m hoping I can also set the cut off to reduce power.

Keep me informed of your progress.

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Seems you need the ZTW ESC LCD Program Card and its SW for the SEAL range (SetupGkUsb.exe see below). Is it the .exe name of your Gecko SW ? For the SEAL series you should not use ztw_gecko_lcd_v01.zip from here which is the SW dedicated to the Gecko line of ESC’s.

It has 2 user methods as follows:
a) Working as an individual device to set the parameters of ESC.
b) Working as an USB adapter to link the ESC with PC to update the firmware of ESC and set the parameters of ESC on PC.

Here: ZTW Beast Pro ESC firmware update operation video

ESC FW update method for another ZTW product:

And there: Support / Download_RC Brushless ESC,RC ESC,Shenzhen ZTW Model Science&Technology Co.,Ltd,ZTW User manual download,Software Download without DWL links or here ~_2 or ~_3 with DWL links:
The following files should be useful
– Boat ESC user manual / Seal series user manual– Is that what Flipsky has sent you recently ?
– Accessories ESC user manual / ZTW User Manual of USB Adapter Free Download– See last paragraph for firmw update.
– Other Software / ZTW Seal series PC operation software-- links to SetupGkUsb.exe must be asked by email to support@ztwoem.com if not available with ESC LCD Program Card.
– Other Software /The firmware for ZTW Seal Series– links to ZTW_Seal_Boat2.zip last updated in 2017-12-20. Is it the file that Flipsky has sent to you ?

Here is the new SEAL, splash-proof 500A cont / 2000A peak 14S 949g ESC for the eSurf market:
Seal 500A - ZTW Brushless ESC, Electronic Speed Controller, RC Brushless ESC, RC ESC, ESC manufacturer (bad SSL certificate click “I understand”…)

Thank you @SoEFoil
Your efforts and time are much sppreciated.
I am confident that I should be able to work it out now. I’ll give it a try over the weekend and let you know how it worked.

Flipsky sent me these links to the software program and firmware

Hopefully they have sent me the correct firmware, as to my understanding they are just a reseller of the ZTW product.

Yesterday Flipsky sent me this video too.

I have no complaints about flipsky customer service, as I believe that they are doing their best to try and help.

I’ve found Flipsky great to deal with too. Very helpful when I had ESC issues

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Seems that this Program Card Gecko 9.3Mb SW has unified all previous individual ESC USB software that is SetupGeckoUsb.exe = Seal + Beast + Turbo + …
One .xut file FW per ESC though.

The Seal user manual you got from Flipsky is it the v1.0 from 2017 ?

Yes, I think your right. I did read that the gecko software is also to be used for the seal ESC.
This afternoon I connected may laptop to my LCD program card and ESC. I followed the instructions as per the links and the software loaded no problems.
I will ride my board on the weekend to test it. Hopefully my problems will be solved.
Thanks again for your help.

This is the seal 300a user manual that flipsky sent me a couple of days ago
Is this what you needed?

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Thanks, it is new with the 500/2000A SEAL update.
Have you seen that ? In the ZTW product range, they sell a 25usd WIFI program card that allows you to modify your ESC settings with your Android/iOS phone … on the water side… :thinking: You need an external power source though since the SEAL is OPTO.

That does look interesting.i’m guessing that it would still be similar to using the LCD program card.
i just tried to search for the app, but couldn’t find it.