Flipsky VESC + Metr.at

Just got them both in the mail. Cannot wait to wire them up and go for a ride! Let me know if you have any advice for me!

My first question is, I have two battery packs (12s5p each). Should I get rid of that wiring harness and plug each battery into each XT-90 or should I make it so all the power is combined into the harness first!?

I got rid of those nasty connectors by crimping & soldering the wires together


Great idea. What crimp connectors are those so I can purchase too? I think I got the right crimpers already.

Not sure bare crimped junctions like that increase the safety level. Even if the original yellow XT90 look cumbersome or ugly, they bring a passive protection against any conductive object that could fall and create a short (pliers, screwdriver, …)

I used usual copper crimp Terminals and a saw :crazy_face:

Haha, you are silly :joy:
Of course they are shrinktubed

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Perfect. That’s what I was thinking anyway. Cool thanks!

@V_S Do you have a metr connected as well? If so, how do you connect? It looks like the VESC has two spots to plug in, it’s also 8-pin and the metr is 7-pin.

AS far as i remember, there is only one 8pin free to connect. Yeah, just leave 1pin free. Follows instruction of metr :wink:
And yes, i am running Flipsky Vesc 200A with metr

Yeah I followed the instructions on the metr website but I noticed the VESC had two different inputs for an 8-pin so I wasn’t sure what was up with that!

:thinking: as far as i know and remember, there is only 1 8pin port :thinking:

old vesc have 7 pins, new vesc6 have 8 pins, so with metr.at there will be 1 pin not used
bottom one is 5v (probably red on your vesc) ,third - , as written as well on the metr module, you can check using a meter on your vesc if you are worried about plugging it the wrong, but thinker side on your left (looking from the cables sides on metr.at module plug), pin left will be on top

I took a photo for you…

Thank you. I rewired everything like you and I wasn’t able to get the VESC to do anything. Did you have to configure it or anything? I guess when I had my skateboard I had to run configs to sense the motor. I guess I’ll do that!

Metr is plug and works.
And the Vesc has to be configured.
And i die FW Update

Which firmware are you using?

3.6.2 no hw limits
20 char

Hey Guys , have any of you tried this ESC now and can report back? I have been thinking wether to buy 1 or not. Could you advise what voltage you are using and what sort of current it has been handling. I think there have been some mixed messages about wether it is a suitable option to achive FOC control and handle the current (within its specs ofcourse).
The question has to be asked aswell, how do the specs match up to what has been seen in real life testing.


Yes, it works, Kinda. Link

@V_S - thanks for the tests and reviews - I love the ‘Kinda’ Comment!
@tylerclark did you manage to get this going yet? Any reviews?