Flipsky VX3 and esc with NO BEC - how to wire?

First time question.
Can you help me.
I bought a new Flipsky VX3 remote. But the seaking ESC I have does not have a BEC, but has signal wire… Can I use the VX3 here??? and How do I wire it??

Gordon Z

I use one of these to supply the 5v to ESC and reviever from the main battery back


Figured it out. Spliced a 6v supply to the wire connecting to the receiver. As long as the negative wires are all the same, the esc and the receiver can transmit signals.

Seems simple but Flipsky could not tell me this!!! in an email

Sorry I dont have the expertise to make a diagram. Just add the 6v source ( external BEC) negative wire to the negative wire from the signal line coming from the esce ( non BEC) and the positive source/wine to the power wire for the Receiver.
I emailed Flipsky asking if there was a way, and they said they didnt know. (???what)
It is simple, but there is nothing out there to tell anyone this.
I just tried the positive line and it does not work of course; adding the negative line does not affect the esc

Good it works but I’m amazed the Flipsky support team didn’t give you the solution.
NO BEC = OPTO version, your pb is similar to Maytech OPTO 300 wiring diagram found here ‘Connections explained to a dumm newbie - #5 by Flightjunkie
Splicing can be avoided using a Y cable like


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