Flipsky vx3 cruise control

Does anybody use this function and if so can you elaborate on how to enable and kill when wanted.


Turn on by holding throttle trigger at desired speed, press and hold the top “brake” button for a few seconds

Turn off by pressing any button

I don’t use it and consider it sort of dangerous if you fall off over the front of the board it may power right over you😳

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I use(d) it a lot. I would not consider it dangerous, since it will also turn of when you fall in the water, because the remote loses connection when submerged.

Just know, that it works by trying to hold a set speed, and sometimes, when gps is funky, it slows the e-foil way down, because the remote still thinks it is going the correct speed, although it isn’t.
But 90% of the time it will work flawlessly.

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If you are depending on the VX3 to disconnect when submerged I wouldn’t bet on that. I did some testing in early days and had to deeply submerge the remote for that to happen. I have also fallen off my rig hundreds of times and have NEVER had a disconnect.

We all to our own risk assessment - I don’t see the value of CC being worth it.

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I actually never depend on it, because I quickly hit the throttle, which cuts the cruise control. I also never have had the problem of falling in front of the board, maybe that’s why I don’t fear CC.

I think the more common use of CC for this remote is electric skateboard. Not much risk there.

My thinking is that I don’t want the prop spinning or the foil or board being actively propelled unless I’m on top of it, Fall in - let go of trigger risk is minimized. Have CC on and that is less predictable so I don’t use it.

Falling in over front is rare - happened to me when I was trying to ride a steep section of boat wake and I stuffed the nose causing the board to stop quickly.

I have found the cruise feature on the remote to be safe enough and helpful for learning to ride. I cant speak to the cutting out on falls, but for me its reactionary to press or release the trigger when I am falling or ditching the board after a run.

Releasing the trigger won’t disable CC.

Right, but if you’re using cruise then you shouldn’t be holding the trigger. Personally, as I fall, my instinct is to just pull the trigger to disengage. Maybe I am in the minority

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I’m not attempting to sway anyone’s opinion on whether CC is good or bad, just that I don’t find it useful and potentially hazardous.

Put a novice on a rig and don’t tell them about it and they accidentally enable it might not work out well. I know this because I did it to myself, ended up having a long swim to get back to my rig as it had flown itself quite a way downwind.

I constantly make micro throttle adjustments while riding to control height, turning capability, going into wind or waves vs running with those
external forces so CC has no value to me at all.

Like I said above we all make our risk/reward assessments. :grinning:

I read somewhere about using that back button to make reverse. Anyone tried that? Might be good after a fall if the board took off on a wave.