Flipsky VX3 firmware upgrade

Hi everyone,

Has anyone managed to get a firmware upgrade for a Flipsky VX3 remote ? - I have one with the previous software with a rather ‘corse’ trigger mapping.

I have contacted Flipsky but not had a reply.

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I bought my VX3 in 2023 and it has Version:


This is displayed in the last screen of the options view on the remote. No idea if that’s the latest ver.

I assume you are aware that there are several levels of what they call “Throttle Sensitive” that might help with your issue

Yeah, mine doent have the throttle sensitivity and doesnt even indicate which software version it has - clearly prior to v1.5

This Flipsky blog entry is from Aug 2021 and the vers references are “earlier” that mine which is logical from a time frame perspective

When did you receive your VX3?? Maybe old stock that they didn’t upgrade before shipping??

How to upgrade the VX3 firmware?

Send the Remote to Flipsky :woozy_face: