Flipsky VX3 receiver?

Hey guys,

I fried my Flipsky VX3 receiver last week. I got some water in my battery box…

Any chance someone might know what frequency or what receiver might work with the remote?


Yikes! Be sure to use chamois in your battery box to help with water in the battery box.

@JamieJiang can help you get another receiver.

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Might be able to save it. Try and use an old tooth brush and clean it up with 95%+ isopropyl.


same thing happened to me. Where did your order a replacement reciever?

Hello, the same thing happened to me. I spoke to them through the website and they said they did not ship the receivers to everyone. I sent a screenshot of the purchase I made on Aliexpress and they didn’t have any problems and sent me one

Can you define who “them” and “they” is?

Lost in translation :wink:

The receiver

I have reviewed and spoke via private message here on efoil with @JamieJiang

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