Flipsky VX3 remote compatible with MSLR efoil?

Has anyone tried to pair a Flipsky VX3 remote with an MSLR efoil board ? I’m attempting that now with little joy. Any ideas appreciated :slight_smile:

Efoil: MSLR Remote Pairing - YouTube

Remote: Flipsky Fully Waterproof Remote VX3 controller For Efoil | Esurf | ESK – FLIPSKY

the vx3 is very good
it has worked great so far for a year. l have used vx3 for all my 5 boards and the control has bin used in salt water.
good to rinse it off after the ride.
Reminder it is IP67 / IP68 if you are lycky

You will probably have to swap the maytech receiver for the flipsky one in the controller box or whatever place they decided to put it

Thanks for sharing your VX3 experience. Yes it has IP67 waterproof IP rating - so that’s good right?

Sourcecode - thanks for the tip, but that looks like a scary undertaking… there are two boxes, and both are completely sealed (see image). Do you have any experience with digging out and replacing a receiver? Any ideas appreciated :o)