Flipsky VX3 remote compatible with MSLR efoil?

Has anyone tried to pair a Flipsky VX3 remote with an MSLR efoil board ? I’m attempting that now with little joy. Any ideas appreciated :slight_smile:

Efoil: MSLR Remote Pairing - YouTube

Remote: Flipsky Fully Waterproof Remote VX3 controller For Efoil | Esurf | ESK – FLIPSKY

the vx3 is very good
it has worked great so far for a year. l have used vx3 for all my 5 boards and the control has bin used in salt water.
good to rinse it off after the ride.
Reminder it is IP67 / IP68 if you are lycky

You will probably have to swap the maytech receiver for the flipsky one in the controller box or whatever place they decided to put it

Thanks for sharing your VX3 experience. Yes it has IP67 waterproof IP rating - so that’s good right?

Sourcecode - thanks for the tip, but that looks like a scary undertaking… there are two boxes, and both are completely sealed (see image). Do you have any experience with digging out and replacing a receiver? Any ideas appreciated :o)

Dear Tony:
I too have the board from Mlsr or Cimi rebrand.
I am handy and live in Vancouver if you need help with changing out the receiver.

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Thanks for the offer Andrew !

I felt intimidated by the task and ended up getting a replacement remote - same as the old one, but I use it in a dry bag! Corey gave me a good deal on it :o)

You know I have had lots of problems with my board but still love efoiling just the same.

I may take you up on your kind offer as I still have the VX3… I live in Gibsons. Where abours are you in Vancouver.

Is changing the receiver straightforward for someone who knows what they are doing ? Do you have any similar experience?

Much appreciated!

  • Tony

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Looking good!
Interesting way to troll for salmon! Is that a fish club you have tucked into your life jacket? :grinning:

Hi Toni:
I’m in Vancouver in Kitsilano.
I am a handyman and have all the tools to change the receiver.
The biggest hurdle is removing all the potting they have sealed the electronics in.
It’s very dense and when it is removed we have to make sure the wiring isn’t damaged from the Vesc as it will be needed to hook to the new receiver.
I too am thinking of changing remotes in the future and will need to change the receiver.

Do you remember the (V) ESC brand and model ?

It is a Maytech Vesc but not sure of the model.
I wrote Maytech and am awaiting a response.

Well at my advanced age, I need that to stand up on the board :o)


Thanks for the info Andrew… I’m thinking it’s best for now to leave well enough alone. I got that new Maytech remote which I keep in a dry bag and will continue with that… if that changes, I would love to try the new VX3 which is a superior remote by far and will be in touch. Likewise please let me know if you do switch out your receiver.

That is genius! A true fellow McQuiver thinking type - comes from sailing I think :grinning:

You are only as old as you act!! :sunglasses:

What does a former musketeer (sword) do in retirement? He doesn’t change his habits…(foil) Tony, I had a look at your excellent DiY videos… you really are a model.


[To conclude with a little lightness in view of what awaits us all (age)]
From now on, I am keeping preciously my damaged plunger. It was hanging in the shop waiting for a second life :wink:

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LOL… you are hilarious !!

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