Flipsky VX3 rusty screws and moisture

Have used the vx3 in fresh water for almost 3 months and so far so good. But last couple of days some intermittent behaviour where it goes from uart to ppm mode on its own. It still works but then you loose battery level and other metrics on the display.

I now see some fogging/moisture on the lcd. All the screws are really rusted and not possible to open as they just strip. I have put it in a filament drier but not happy. So far flipsky have not helped except say they now use stainless screws but no other offer…

Better check you vx3 now and replace those screws if you can.

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Checked mine today and there all look rusty. Fresh water use only and first season so not impressed either.

I ordered a spare VX3 that has never been used and this is what the screws look like.

No markings but sure look like ordinary black steel screws to me.

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How is the VX3 in sunlight ? Is it readable?

Its barely ok. Depends on the angle the sun hits it. I would like a bigger and brighter dispaly for sure. The speed and battery level is easy to read but the smaller fonts on current and power are difficult

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The main advantage of VX3 is measuring the speed, right?
Does it help you - knowing the speed?
Would you buy again this or the Maytech V2?

The speed I really like for sure. I never tried a maytech. I bought 3 vx3 to have spares since I am so addicted :wink:

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