Flipsky water *proof* 75200 water cooled - Secondary enclosure?

Im on my second flipsky water proof with the enclosure. Simply bc I was a lazy person and water got inside and things werent good…

I have it inside a tiny pelican case rn but wondering if you guys have any set ups with this same vesc (with the enclosure, I cant take it out) in an aluminum or plastic enclusure thats more space friendly.

What happened to first one? Any pics?


I don’t have any pics. Seems like the capacitor failed. It was working on and off shortly after I started riding with out the pelican case. And then I did some board modifications and when I tested (out of the water) it wasn’t powering on when I turned the battery switch on. Then, all the sudden it powered on. And a couple minutes later my anti spark switch burnt to a crisp, and it also fried my motor…. I measured one motor lead and it was seeing the entire voltage of the battery with out any command.

Did the first one leak itself or was the water from another source?

@svnnhpaige : I’m using Gainta G118t box for my air cooled 75200, it’s tight on the height but gainta has a lot of other sizes if you need a slightly bigger box for the water cooled version

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