Flite board motor and controller

What size motor is best and where can you buy from for a flite board? Also looking for a simple, reliable, wireless hand controller and battery cell

Ok. If anybody has the answer, we can delete all other topics :crazy_face:


Ok, that’s a nice one :smile: . I don’t mean to be rude, but have you even read 1 thread ? Most of us spent countless hours reading all the threads to get a glimpse of this answer…


First person with the correct answer wins efoil.builders hunger games!

@meganjeffries this is the golden ticket question! You’ll find probably 50 different motors depending where you start on this thread and then you get into geared vs. direct drive and it all spirals out of there.

Couple of starter threads out there - take a read of the 65150 thread and you’ll find a reference to most motors. Depends on what you are looking for from the build - lots of people going for the @Flying_Rodeo solution too which is pre-made to an extent.

Welcome to the efoil.builders rabbit hole!

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