Fliteboard brd file?

Anyone have the shaper file of a fliteboard fiberglass? Was going to create it in akushaper but cant find the pics needed from google. Ive seen @deeproot version but looking for a non clipped nose. I like the rounded look. Thanks

What do you need exactly?

I have a brand new never used Fliteboard Pro fibreglass 67 liter version here Infront of me on the work bench

This one: PRO Fiberglass White with Silver 75cm Mast | Fliteboard™ eFoil Europe

Yo, you can download the akushaper program and use a free trail. Then edit my file. Or just use my file and round the nose by hand. The foam is super easy to shape with sandpaper. Also, if I was to make the board again I would chop off the front 10-12" from the board. It does not need to be so long! I have over 300 miles on my efoil now. Still working great!

AkuShaper Software (free): https://www.akushaper.com/

Shape File: deep-root-efoil-shape-file.brd - Google Drive

Thats what I’ll do then thanks! I’ll shave a few in off the front to get it around 5’.

Can you convert that .brd file into another 3 cad format?

Possibly but im not sure.

I had to cancel the blank with greenlight. Since it was 26" wide they wanted to ship via freight and the cost increased dramatically. We went from $174 to $400 so looks like I may be doing things the old fashioned way.