Fliteboard Race wing test-review

Have really fallen in love with the 800cm2 Flyer wing and the old stabilizer it is super agile and works well in waves actually it covers full range from 24-40kmh, but as I had my Birtday yesterday I had to treat myself to latest Flite Race kit with the 700cm2 front wing (80cm wide so actually wider than flyer) and the new race stabilizer.
It gives a similar stable ride at 35kmh to what the flyer does at 28kmh or the RL 1100 at 24kmh.
It has its place, but mostly for racing or flatwater, it does not carve nearly as well as the flyer.
Test is done on 16s, 120kv & FR7".
PS. I recommend everyone to build a dyi Flite clone fuselage, their wings and having thrust in plane with wing is really making a big difference!

Metr with Race foil


Why not going full duty :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Need to save some excitement for next week. But also I was in new waters and far away from sea rescue, so I played it cool for once.
Could probably make it to a german lake meetup in Aug, if you have any full throttle friend around :slight_smile: