Fliteboard S2 with DYI battery -works?

Thinking about bying a Fliteboard S2 Board and powertrain, but I’m to cheap to spend 4k€ on their battery as I have 3x 14s batteries all ready. S2 has no data connector towards battery, but it could rely on BT communication for system verification.
Anybody knows if the Flitebox/Flite remote works with Normal 14s battery?
@David perhaps you could share your professional opinion, also if flitebox-warranty is kept with such a setup.

David will tell you he does not want a frankenstein board. He doesn’t want a Flite looking board running custom components which could lead to a mishap and somehow it’s associated with his product that he’s worked years on. If water intrusion gets in and sets your batteries on fire and someone snaps a pic of a Fliteboard on fire it could hurt his brand for no reason. I’ll let him chime in but I’ve had this convo with him and also with Nick from Lift.

I would just try it wit very low power or fuse and 55V and see if it starts up… But I assume they do it the same way as volt-efoil does it. With BT or wifi transmitting the data…
Then it depend if they lock the system if they receive no data from the battery, or if it still works…

Did you succes on your plan ?
A friend with a fliteboard wants me to build him a lite battery.

This dude on the Fliteboard forum made a power supply for upgrading FW etc without having to install the battery.

There seems to be very little trickery with the battery, it just provides power.

I would use a 130 amp BMS with an external switch. For a better integration you could put a reed/ Hall effect switch to turn the BMS on and off using the lid. The switch is 100% necessary to prevent sparking.

And print a big sticker for the side of it “Not a Fliteboard” incase it catches fire :joy:

Keen to hear how you get on.

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Re: And print a big sticker for the side of it “Not a Fliteboard” incase it catches fire :joy:

I guess I need todo this too with my Frankenstein build :slight_smile: