Fliteboard Series 2 pre & post-talk

Fliteboard present their Series 2 product tue 21:00 CET. Looks like they aim for even higher efficiency and range. With my 100kgs I’m still miles from the 50wh/km that their featherweight test-riders are achieving :slight_smile:

Hands free riding? Video teasers show riders with dangling remotes but that could be related to the new wings and being able to surf waves without power.

Battery light indicator in board is curious.

Really exciting!

We offer test drives at many locations in Germany. Feel free to contact us if you would like to test the new Fliteboard soon. :slight_smile:


Dangling remote = copy of FR/Lifts folding prop? Perhaps in plastic for 21€ :slight_smile:
Did not see that coming.

I believe that they go for a wider HA wing as rest of industry. Something like 900mm. Todays HA Flyer wing is only 740mm and not super efficient. The Axis 900 is not superfund for Efoiling, but super efficient for those playing in the 25km/h range.

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@cim96dm7 What Model Fliteboard and wings battery do you have ? Some riders are getting 2.5hrs

@3rdparty thanks for link. Wings in image and videos dihedral allowing greater carves and wing tip beaches.

I only have the old flyer 800 and 290 stab. I’m 100kgs and use 200L board normally.
The wing is by no means extreme and lifts me at 20kmh

So David just invited us DIYers to the flite-party withthe series 2.
Bring your own board and battery and just buy the propulsion unit and controller as a kit. To bad the charger is included in the kit…

Focus here is mostly on boards and batteries anyway, so it might actually be a good fit.

He said something from they build cheap efoils? :rofl: I see prices are almost the same…
Looks nice but they charge 4700€ + tax for the mast/motor unit+Controller&Charger??
He invited us DIYers with that price? Seems more like a joke for us DIY…


Well to put it correctly he invited rich and lazy DIYers…
Still I’m a bit tempted, it’s a nice totally integrated package now.

Actually less new innovation than expected in the new “Series2 Fliteboard” However they for sure have the best looking boards on the market…But actually that less complicated design with just 2 battery cable is nothing more than putting the receiver into the mast head together with the motor controller and replacing the data cable to wireless data… (Most probably bluetooth)
But that is nothing new, seems they copied it from www.mantafoils.com this time and getfoil.com is doing similar approach but putting all into the battery… waydoo is doing opposite as they have their ESC down in the fuselage, next to the motor…smart idea too…