Flitecell battery for DIY build?


does anyone know if a Flitecell battery could be used for a DIY build without modifications? Flitecell Sport | eFoil Battery | Fliteboard™ USA

Does it have any electronics built in that checks if it is connected to a Fliteboard ESC or does it work like a regular battery?



I’m interested to know this as well

Did you investigate this further?

I’m thinking the newer ones without data connections cables could be used as a DIY pack.

In the manual they say you need to place a “charge magnet” on the battery to enable charging.

And that the system turns on when you shut the lid of the board so another magnet in the lid which turns on the BMS.

My friend just sold his fliteboard so can’t test with his. Assume there is some monitoring stuff sent wirelessly from the BMS to the speed controller to restrict current if the pack gets too hot, or is out of balance, but I think that’s probably a one way data flow, just for monitoring.

Interestingly the series 3 batteries are compatible with series 1 boards which have the data cable.

I assume that on all Flitecells the magnet activates the relay on the battery and the dataport is only used to shut the ESC down on series 1 etc.

Unfortunately no updates from my side.
I think it should work though.
I was ready to buy a Flitecell Sport, but my local dealer seems to be pretty flaky and never followed up on my inquiry.

Since then I ended up buying an empty Flitecell enclosure from @Kinetisist. I’ll probably try to build my own pack and put it into the enclosure.

Could you see if there is a magnet on the lid somewhere? Running a washer or something on the underside should show its location easy enough. Thanks!

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